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3 Reasons Why People Love Coffee Shop Lifestyles

Have you ever thought about why coffee shops are so popular? Think about it…in today’s age, most meet ups happen at a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or a local coffee chain. It’s pretty cool to see that revolution in how we interact with each other, and how business deals go down nowadays. What’s your favorite type of coffee?
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We love to laugh and enjoy life. Can you imagine your coffee surprised at you taking action from our last post about getting up earlier to be more productive. That would be a Instagram worthy shot for sure! But in this post, we’re here to talk about what is the coffee shop lifestyle, and what is it all about. Here are 3 insights about people, specifically business owners and entrepreneurs, who live the coffee shop lifestyle and why they do it:

1)   Authentic Relationships Can Be Created and Blossom over a Cup of Coffee

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Whether it’s meeting with someone to finalize a business deal, hang out with friends, or connecting with a loved one, coffee shops seem to be THAT PLACE people go to for a neutral environment. We’ve asked tons of folks why they meet at coffee shops and this by far was one of the top answers we received. You never know who you’ll meet at a coffee shop. Geez, some of our team here at Automation Specialists first met at a coffee shop. We like coffee shops 🙂

2)   There’s a Mobile Lifestyle Associated with Coffee Shops

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Think on that concept and idea. Imagine running a business all from your laptop. You can work anywhere where there is wifi. Any coffee shop. Any city in the USA. Any country of your choice. We’ve realized that there’s this internal sense of freedom with people who work out of a coffee shop than those who work from home or an office. Now don’t misunderstand us – everyone is wired different and some people hate crowds. But the typical person working at a coffee shop is doing so because there is this sense of freedom and control of the direction of their life. It’s hard to explain, but easy to point out when you’re in the moment. Next time your at a coffee shop, ask a few people why they choose to work there.

3)   Coffee Is Delicious and is the God of all Good Drinks

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There are very few people who don’t like coffee and yet work out of a coffee shop for the 2 reasons above. But those who truly love this lifestyle also do it because THEY LOVE COFFEE! There’s no other explanation than that.

If you’re a coffee lover, comment below what’s your favorite coffee. If you don’t want to comment, then go to your local coffee shop, drink a cup of brew, and get to work on your future. See ya in the next post.

By the way, send us a $5 Starbucks card for this post haha 😉 like for real…we love you…