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4 Things That Will Help You Increase Productivity

I will write more later…because I’m on autopilot duh ūüėČ

I’m just kidding. But that would be funny to see an article being written out in front of your as you’re on the webpage….hmmm sounds like innovation at it’s finest.

So here we go with our first post here at Automation Specialists. Let’s do this.

Let’s go over 4¬†things that will help you increase productivity as a business owner & entrepreneur, deal? Then we can talk about sports and some other things that make life enjoyable. Trust us, we all want to make more money, and these 4¬†things can help you increase productivity if you put them into action. Some of them may sound like common sense, but the reality is the EASIEST advice to give is the hardest one to implement because we think it’s just not that easy. Well, the crew here at Automation Specialists have to say otherwise.

  1. First step to help increase productivity РStart Your Day Off Earlier

16-start your day off early-automation specialists helping businesses run on autopilot

Nobody wants to hear this. Shoot, if it was up to everyone in the USA, they would work from 10am to 3pm and call it day. Oh if that was only a reality! But the truth is that when you wake up earlier, you have the POSSIBILITY to get more things done. Why the possibility? Because the truth is that unless you CHOOSE to do more, all you’ll really do is waste more time. For that, you might as well have stayed in bed. Work on getting up a little earlier everyday. Start off with 30 minutes, and progress from there. You can do it.

2.   Second step to help increase productivity РScheduling Your Day the Night Before

17-plan your day ahead-automation specialists helping businesses run on autopilot

This is such an important step. Sounds simple though, until your favorite show comes on like¬†The Flash¬†(some of our guys are comic geeks, sorry about the Barry Allen shout out) or some other night time sitcom or an NBA Game. But hey, that’s what scheduling your day is all about. And if you can focus on writing out your agenda the night before, you will be 10 times more productive and focused than normal. Don’t be normal. Do something different so you can make a difference in life and have a different life.

3)   Third step to help increase productivity РDo Your Most Important Task First

18-do your most important task first-automation specialists helping businesses run on autopilot

So here’s the deal.¬†Human nature tells us to do that most important thing last. That’s just the reality of who we are. Think about it. After you eat dinner, you really SHOULD wash those dishes. But you don’t. Then they end up staying over night, and you wake up the next morning to nasty dishes. And you’re in a rush because you overslept, and can’t even make breakfast. That one little task messed up your morning the next day. Sounds small, but it happens to millions of people daily. There are bigger tasks that you¬†should get done first. The longer you postpone on doing it first daily, the longer your success is postponed. Just do it.

4)   Fourth step to help increase productivity РBe Kind

19-be kind-automation specialists helping businesses run on autopilot

Most of you were not expecting this. And that’s okay. The reality is that you were wondering what other practical thing you can do. How about this though? Do you know that when you treat others with kindness, you have the opportunity to not only make their day but open up doors for you in the future? When you’re kind to people, you make an impact on their lives. They’ll always remember how you treated them. And that can bring rewards to you in the future than anything else. So in the process of being more productive, make sure to be kind. People are important.

Take action TODAY and make sure you implement these 4 Things That Will Help You Increase Productivity every day. Start now and see the difference in your life 30 days from now. See ya on the next post, later gator.


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