About Us

Check out the picture below to know some quick information about who we are, and we’ll give you a little some more explanation afterwards :

14-automation specialists helping businesses run on autopilot

  1. We’re a Social Bunch
    • We’re a collective group of unique individuals with a wide spread of backgrounds. Single, married, with kids, adopted, business owners, employees, coffee lovers, and Mac users (except for Bill and Hannah who love their Windows XP, ughhh lol).
  2. We Have a Commitment to You
    •  Whether it’s every week, twice a week, or sporadically throughout the month, we’re here to be your resource of truth, facts, fun, and laughs. Even though our focus is automating your business venture, when that happens effectively, other areas of life open up.
  3. We’re Future Centric
    • Imagine 10 years ago someone talking about a crazy idea of using regular people to transport other people through an integrated technology on cell phones. Crazy idea! But that’s Uber. And now valued at over $50 billion. So guess what? Some articles will be so futuristic it’ll seem nuts, but that’s okay. Enjoy the journey with us.
  4. Quality > Quantity
    • Some places may pump out several articles in a day just to spam the net and add no content value. When we put something out, it has tender loving care and some laughs to get you focused past any barriers you may be facing in life.
  5. We’re All About Innovation
    • Click here. See how nothing happened. Now click here again. Haha, nothing happened again. Imagine seeing a problem and not being able to fix it. Without innovation, we would live with our problems. Sometimes solutions aren’t as easy to find, but they’re right in front of us.
  6. Global is our Middle Name 😉
    • We love to talk about more than just what’s happening here in the USA. Ooooops! Now you know where we’re based out of. Now you have a 1 out of 350 million chance to guess who we all are. Darn it.

So there you have it! There’s a little about us at Automation Specialists. We want to add value to your life. If you want to get in touch with us personally, you can also click here to email us. Connect with us through commenting on our site. As social as we like, we’re very dedicated to connecting with authentic users via our website. Once in a while, we might leak a social media profile so you know who is working behind the scenes here. But until then, we’ll see you on the next article we have cooking up.